Boohoo Donut Dispenser

Boohoo is one of the UK’s leading fast fashion outlets.  To match the clientele's insatiable need for instant gratification, Boohoo’s creative team had the idea to reward freshers for inputting their contact information on an iPad by offering free donuts and discounts.  The majority of the donuts were white-iced with Boohoo blue sprinkles, but the elusive gold sprinkled donut was also up for grabs, which would win a lucky student £5000 - very handy for paying off those overdrafts!  How this all happened, though, was our job.



We knew the campaign had to fold into a pack, which could be easily transported around universities across the country, making the most of a new cohort of students during Freshers’ Week.


To maximise how many people could use the feature at once, iPads were attached to four of the five panels, with the donuts stored, rather fittingly, in the hollow centre.  



On each side of the pentagon was a wooden box which had a semi-concealed rotating platform and a button to activate it.  Upon data entry, a signal was generated lighting a bulb on the panel which held the iPad in use. When the person inside the structure saw the light, a donut was placed on the platform and presented to the student.  Initially, we thought of designing a system that would push the donut boxes through electronically, but came to the conclusion that it would be cost prohibitive when compared to the time of a single staff member sat inside the box operating the system. Once a donut had been placed in the compartment a custom built motorised door mechanism would reveal the donut to the eager user.  The electronics behind this system were designed by our Hire Manager, Josh.



We worked alongside the client and the Boohoo to produce eye-catching artwork for each panel, displaying key brand information in striking designs.  The campaign’s hashtag, company branding and shots from a New York fashion shoot were included, with a brightly coloured background design to draw in as many shoppers as possible.



We programmed the front-end application interface with a unique iPad application, custom built at Okoru, with a variety of custom fields so that BooHoo could better understand their customers. The API allowed users to enter their data which was then sent to an encrypted server within Boohoo.  This was designed so that personal details were managed in accordance to GDPR regulation.


The project was highly successful and thoroughly enjoyable to work on.  If you’d like to learn more about our projects or think we can help with yours, donut hesitate to get in contact with us!


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