Cadbury's Creme Egg Camp

After seeing the extent and variation of our work across a number of different sectors on our website, we were contacted by Elvis Communications, Cadbury’s creative partner, to bring their Creme Egg Camp idea to life.  The goal was to produce an immersive Creme Egg Camp hidden within a woodland. We collaborated with the client on their designs to include real trees and forest features, transporting visitors from the bustling Shoreditch to a mystical forest world featuring the Eggs-plorers HQ, The Nest, the Treehouse and the Campfire Kitchen.

Having previously transformed Red Market for the Last Days of Shoreditch project and LDOS Winter, we had significant experience working on the site.  While Cadbury took the lead on conceptualising the event, Okoru were responsible for all design and artworking plus full project and build management for the site.

The project ran for 4 solid weeks of live dates following a two week build period. We installed a range of additional stretch tents to fully cover the site. We installed 100’s of real trees which took two days to install. Other creative installations included a canoe installation, maps and countless other smaller items and props. 

Upon entrance, visitors were given a goody bag including a map, to guide them down a winding entrance path complete with flickering lanterns and photo opportunities.  Translating the timbered wonderland into the digital realm, we created wooden signs with QR and Snapchat codes which were attached to trees with unlockable geofilters.  Motion sensors were also fixed to trees, triggering sound and smoke effects as explorers walked through the forest. With the opportunity to win large cash prizes, adventurers followed the map through Eggbert’s deserted tent, canoe and workstations which held secret clues to discover the elusive white Creme Egg.  

We were able to take advantage of the pre-existing slide on site, which we wrapped to look like a giant tree trunk which had fallen from the forest with real tree bark and intelligent lighting inside.  Laser cut Creme Egg coins could be exchanged for Creme Egg themed foods, such as Creme Egg topped cookies, waffles and toasties created by Instagram baker, Georgia Green.

Themed foods and Creme Egg infused alcoholic beverages could be enjoyed around the campfire: a large, wicker nest with handmade polystyrene and fibreglass eggs and a musician playing rewritten campfire classics, full of eggy wordplay.  

Stargazers amongst the adventurers were entertained by an egg shaped moon and Creme Egg constellations projection mapped in the draped sky. 

A second map saw even more prizes up for grabs.  This time, budding bird-watchers were encouraged to spot as many feathered creatures fashioned from Creme Egg wrappers as possible.  Influencers, musicians, radio and TV personalities invited to come and peruse the chocolate hunting ground, amongst the near 5000 explorers who tried their luck for finding the limited edition white Creme Egg.   

We loved this project because we got to create something completely bespoke and brand new, unlike anything else we’d worked on before.  The entire enterprise, including Creme Egg Camp, won Campaign’s Best Integrated Marketing Campaign in 2018 which was cherry on top of an event we were privileged to be part of. The broad nature of the task was one that was particularly in tune with our skillset; we could work on lighting, sound and other technical installations, unique and intricate textural details and manage the marketing comms and liaison with the client in order to fully achieve the transformation of Shoreditch’s Red Market into something that was unique, unrecognisable and the ultimate eggs-capism.

For more information on our projects or if you think we can help with your project, please feel free to get in touch.   

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