We care deeply about our impact on the planet and are very aware that the industry we work in presents some significant challenges on environmental sustainability.  

Within this context, our position is to work with our clients to actively minimise our carbon footprint, waste output and consumption of resources.

Sometimes working in a more environmentally-friendly way means additional costs here and there, or spending a bit more time in production.

We always invite this conversation and love to work with clients who share these views, but also understand that sustainability is not the main focus for some people and will never use it as an excuse for not delivering on our promises.

Our approach to sustainability is multi-faceted: from researching the latest renewable energy technologies on the market to up-cycling and re-purposing materials destined for landfill.

We offer sustainability assessments as part of our process and relish the challenge of finding novel ways to design out waste without having a negative impact on creativity or quality.

By encouraging a culture of environmental accountability and social responsibility we believe that we can begin to change industry culture towards a socially and environmentally conscious business model in events.  

In this constantly changing landscape, we strive to keep learning, reviewing and adapting our work. Please keep an eye on our blog for upcoming articles about what we have been doing to better manage; 

  • Energy

  • Waste

  • Plastic

  • Wellbeing

If you’d like to know more we’d love to tell you all about our policies and the culture we adopt here at Okoru.

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