The events industry is a huge contributor to waste of all kinds throughout the world.
It’s something that we take
very seriously.

Sustainability has always been important to us and something that we always consider at length when planning an event. We will always ask you to consider options to reduce your event carbon footprint, although sometimes this comes at a financial cost.

Although we are committed to sustainable business practices, we understand that sustainability is not the primary focus for some of our clients. So we’ll never use it as an excuse for not delivering on our promises.

Our approach to sustainability is multi-faceted. From using existing materials and up-cycling to re-purposing items otherwise destined for landfill.

We are working towards producing carbon neutral events wherever possible
within the next
five years, across the UK & Europe.

We are very conscious of our environmental impact and take every effort to keep the number of journeys to and from site to an absolute minimum.

Our event portfolio in the alpine regions of France, Switzerland and Austria means we need to take transportation to and from the alps each year. Because of this we try to ensure that these journeys are shared between events, meaning a single delivery can cater for multiple events, back to back.

The events industry as a whole is responsible for creating incalculable amounts of waste each year. The effort and countless hours it takes to sort through and recycle the resulting waste from just one festival is immense. We offer a carbon calculation to our clients to allow them the choice of offsetting their emissions in relation to our activity.

But by encouraging a culture of environmental accountability and social responsibility we believe that we can begin to change the industry culture towards a socially and environmentally conscious business model in events.

Ultimately, it’s about striking a balance between people and their environment, without having to compromise on the quality of event design or production.

If you’d like to know more we’d love to tell you all about our policies and the culture we adopt here at Okoru.

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