How we work

Concept Design / Ideation

We love collaborating with our clients and thrive off the excitement that comes with an idea for something brilliant. We develop close working relationships with our clients because we know that the creative process is delicate and nuanced in the early stages. We are accomplished communicators and facilitators that bring embryonic concepts, hand sketches and creative visions to reality. Our toolkit for supporting concept design is broad and tailored featuring:

- Hand-drawn illustrations
- 3D block models
- 2D layouts
- Prototyping & model making
- User experience consulting
- Role-play, storyboarding, narrative and performance development

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Detailed Design

Once we’ve collaboratively established the foundations for our project in the concept phase, our team of designers, technicians, engineers and creatives set to work in fleshing out the details that start to breathe life into the ideas. Our in-house abilities, forged by years of industry experience and training creates a formidable machine. In this phase we work with diligence, attention to detail and efficiency to create clear and comprehensive work that communicates how your ideas will become embodied. Here we will deliver:

- Fully detailed CAD models
- Realistic 2D renders and 3D fly-throughs
- Dimensioned construction drawings
- Detailed research findings and build rationale
- Example finishes and scenic effects

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This is the heart of our business and as our project portfolio demonstrates - we deliver first-class productions of all shapes and sizes. Our Bristol-based facilities are home to a vast array of technical crew, skilled set builders and scenic artists. Adding to that our extended network of trusted suppliers, there is not a lot we cannot make or source. We work with mixed materials and techniques to create striking sets, exquisite props and dazzling technical productions:

- Bespoke carpentry, metalworking and staging expertise
- Technical design and production for sound, lighting, video, power & more
- Supply chain management
- Super realistic scenic art
- Fully HSE compliant planning, documentation and sign-off

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Live Operation

As event producers, we have an obligation to ensure that customer experience and safety is our primary design driver. We take this responsibility very seriously and can demonstrate an exemplary track record in both. Running a smooth and reliable performance takes diligence and a genuine passion that is fundamental to our mission at Okoru. Despite all this, sometimes unexpected things happen and when they do, we step in. From full live show crewing, to on-call service level agreements, planned upgrades, touch-ups and fixes you can rely on us to support your production beyond opening the doors:

- Industry-leading event production experience
- Driven and compassionate build crew
- Rapid response and intelligent problem-solving as standard
- Large-scale logistics ability
- In-depth plant and machinery experience
- World-class technical production equipment and engineers

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End of Life

All good things come to an end, but we’ve found through planning for the close of a project during the early stages, we can be more cost-effective, environmentally responsible and prepared to respond. Finding creative solutions for reducing the impact and carbon footprint is baked into our approach on projects and we’d encourage our clients to join us in this conversation.
We are able to offer the following services:

- Re-sale of the items used at your event
- Upcycling assets for a new site or project
- Responsible disposal and recycling of assets
- Modular/flexible design philosophy to provide future use for sets or productions
- Environmental consultation
- Long-term storage solutions

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