Red Bull Portable Bars

Okoru were instructed to design, build and fabricate a portable bar unit for their on-trade teams around the country. The brief was clear, the bar needs look and feel high-end, but also to pack into a flight case that would fit in a boot of a standard estate car. To be produced from a range of wood and metal.

We worked closely with the team from Red Bull and produced a number of initial designs and then onto prototyping. During this phase of prototyping we road tested multiple different designs to ensure that our end result would manage the rigours of the road and to design out any issues.

The design moved from folding out of a flight case to actually resembling a flight case. Red Bull’s work within the music industry gave rise to the design aesthetic representing a flight case, whilst also allowing for regular safe transportation.

Following this initial 3 months of testing, we finalised a design and set out to build a total of 28 bespoke bar units for their on trade teams around the country. We used a range of CNC and laser cutting from stained birch plywood and constructed the boxes at our workshop and studio in Bristol before sending on the road around the country.

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