Paco Rabanne

The Challenge:


Design and deliver a show-stopping event for luxury fragrance brand Paco Rabanne, in line with their express delivery packaging. 

The brand wanted to wow audiences old and new, and throw a party that celebrates their legacy as they move forward into 2020. The event ran over three days, with a range of celebrities due to attend for the grand opening.

Key Requirements;

  • A unique location and environment
  • To create a venue around the brands Express Delivery packaging
  • Create a number of instagrammable activations for guests to interact with 
  • Have an operational FOH service including bar, catering and hosting for their global guests, with bespoke food and drinks menus, based around the brand’s portfolio.

 Okoru Paco Rabanne Bar


The Solution:


Our team arrived at the old power station and had 10 days to turn it into our exclusive party venue. 

To achieve the look of the Express Delivery packaging, we installed a series of gold wrapped shipping containers at the entrance to the venue. The containers would create a walk-through experience, and host our branded activations. 

A gold carpet led to the walk-through experience, which contained a VIP paparazzi tunnel, loaded with strobe lighting and SFX to create a dramatic entrance. 

After dropping coats and bags at a cloakroom, guests met a photographer who was situated in front of the Million Space confetti box. We created the box by combining a series of powerful fans underneath a glass box, which blew gold confetti around in an almighty swirl. The activation was situated underneath a 40-foot container which was installed with Paco Rabanne branding.

Further into the experience was an infinity room. This was made possible by intricate lighting on the vinyl wrapped walls and mirrors. 

The main event space was set within the heart of the industrial power station. Gold was the theme and played into every part of the design process. We provided a bespoke locker wall and brand ambassadors to give out sample-sized gifts to guests. Elsewhere there was a range of product displays showcasing the brand’s most iconic fragrances.

We designed and built a DJ Booth, where the DJ’s were playing from inside of a wrapped present. We sourced and booked the DJ’s Tsha and Kristy Harper and provided all sound and lighting equipment for their performances.

The bar was designed in line with the rest of the venue and ran a cocktail menu with drinks inspired by the brand’s fragrances. A range of canapes was also served throughout the event, which was designed to compliment drink choices.

On the wall opposite the DJ booth, we installed a branded golden shimmer Wall, which was the big photo opportunity of the night. We had a photographer situated at the wall all evening responsible for capturing people at their best.

Next to the tunnel where guests entered was our gold-wrapped UPS style Express Delivery van, which was loaded with gift bags to give to guests as they left the venue.


Okoru Paco Rabanne Locker Gifts


The Results:


  • The most talked-about party in town attended by numerous celebrities and bloggers 
  • Paco Rabanne delivers an event that celebrates its legacy, highlighting the most iconic fragrances in its portfolio 
  • A completely unique venue was created, which stood out among the London skyline from above
  • The brands Express Delivery packaging was a consistent theme 
  • The event saw enormous social media reach


"We've had the pleasure of working with Okoru for over two years across a number of clients including Paco Rabanne, Ab Inbev and Cadbury. The quality of their execution is second to none and their ability to bring our ideas to life with exceptional detail has been commented on by our clients. Diligent, agile and effective problem solvers, nothing is too much trouble for the team and they are a real pleasure to work with."

Kate Stocker - Elvis Communications [Senior Account Director]