IHG Shanghai Wonderland

Upon InterContinental Hotels Group’s announcement of their 200th hotel, we were contracted to assist with technical and creative aspects of their celebratory exhibition.  

Alexander Hall, or ‘Haut de Gamme’, was commissioned to hand-paint 200 champagne bottles in his prestigious, bright style.  It was our job to suspend them to form a 3-dimensional ‘200’ in the hotel event space. Haut de Gamme decorated the unique bottles to represent each hotel within the InterContinental Hotels Group, drawing inspiration from cultures of the South and North America, Asia and Europe.  


okoru bottle installation event immersive

The entire project took a week; one day for installation and removal respectively with a week of exhibition between.  Each bottle was to be suspended from a truss grid with steel wire sections, allowing the bottles to hang in multiple areas to create 3D shape of number 200.  The steel wire inside the bottle was extendable to dictate the height from which it would hang.

okoru bespoke bottle installation china

Our job was multifaceted; we needed to work with IHG to arrange international shipping of the deconstructed art installation to the designated address.  Upon arrival, we needed to work with the client’s local production partners to install trussing, lighting and the metal grid. Hanging each valuable bottle from wire happened overnight, while the hotel was quiet.  Members of the public and key international partners of IHG were invited to attend a ceremony to open the exhibition, for which the installation was the centrepiece. We were also in charge of deconstruction and assisted with returning the installation to London, where the it would continue its tour around the world.  

It was a pleasure to work with IHG on their celebration of Shanghai Wonderland’s opening, which is an architectural feat in itself.  The hotel was constructed in an abandoned quarry and boasts 16 stories above ground level. The remaining 2 levels are aquariums, deep within the quarry which has been filled with water to create an artificial lake.

okoru shanghai building event    okoru experiential event china installation

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