Clarks Originals Paris Fashion Week

The Challenge:


After a successful project in July 2019, Clarks Originals asked us to create a showroom space for Paris Fashion Week.

The space needed to be multifunctional. 

Firstly the brand needed to host meetings with stockists and distributors from around the globe. Secondly, it needed to be an experience and event space, to tell the story and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the iconic Clarks Desert Boot. 

Key Requirements; 

  • Showcase the brand's history through digital and physical experiences
  • Shine a spotlight on the brand presence within Jamaican streetwear culture
  • Host a range of live performances from artists
  • Showcase a collection of unreleased products
  • Have an operational FOH service including bar, catering and hosting for their global guests


The Solution:


Our team set about transforming the two-story space in Le Marais. We designed a range of bespoke hero display units that were used throughout the venue. The units were the main display for the latest products. They could be easily moved, and stacked to minimise transportation.


Shoe display of clarks shoes


The upstairs of the venue was turned into a number of meeting rooms, by sectioning off areas with set flats, which were painted with applied Clarks branding vinyl. Desks, Chairs, Sofas and Plants were added to make the space comfortable and welcoming. 


Okoru Clarks Meeting Space v2


We used 3D Printing technology to create various creative features using the shape of the Clarks Desert Boot. Showcasing the entire production process of the shoe. 


Using 16 Desert Boots we created a sculpture that would feature throughout the showroom, and would also be the canvas for a live art installation during the party. 


Shoe sculpture with live graffiti show


Downstairs, large branded images of the Desert Boots from Jamaica were added to our custom set flat walls. The images were backlit on bespoke frames fabricated in Bristol.


 Showroom with Clarks Jamaica prints


We provided on-site media including photo and video coverage and worked with Clarks PR team to allow real-time social media coverage.


Clarks Photo Wall v2


We created a wall of oversized shoeboxes to provide the backdrop for artist Stain Shade, alongside a branded staining unit to create one-off art editions. Elsewhere in the venue artist Zak Abel performed, and a number of DJ’s kept the party going into the early hours.


 The Results:


  • Clarks makes a name for itself at Paris fashion week amongst other global stalwarts 
  • Outstanding ROI according to the client
  • All meetings were hosted efficiently
  • The party was labelled one of ‘the best parties of fashion week’. Attended by the likes of Kano, Maya Jama, Skepta with a capacity crowd and queue down the street 
  • Unique engagement with the brand through live interactive performance pieces from artists Endless and Stain Shade


"Thank you guys, this is the best event at fashion week’’ 

 Giorgio Presca - Clarks Global CEO


"Okoru really brought our Paris showroom to life with a mix of creative solutions. 3D printing, bespoke product displays, performances and more. The team clearly understand our brand, and this allowed for an exciting space where our guests could interact with our products"

James Frapwell – Clarks Originals Brand Manager