Budweiser Brewing Group Conference

For the last few years, we have been working for AB InBev, the largest brewer in the world and owner of brands such as Stella Artois, Corona and Budweiser. AB InBev has recently had a global rebrand, of which the UK company is now known as the Budweiser Brewing Company (UK+I). We’ve been under wraps with this for a while, but now it’s public information, we’re excited to share some details of one of our most recent ventures for the global brand owner.


okoru magners cider bar build bespoke


Okoru was contracted to produce the annual sales conference for Budweiser Brewing Company at the Bobby Moore suite in Wembley. Having previously produced events here, we knew what to expect. Please see a video here showcasing our work:



The concept for the day was to challenge the traditional conference environment and offer a sampling pad for each brand within the portfolio to show off its identity. To pick up on elements of the upcoming year’s strategy and brand alignment. We worked closely with the brand managers from each of the portfolio to realise the specific visions of that team.

This included Budweiser, Magners, Stella Artois, Corona, Orchard Pig, Bass, Bud Light, Becks, Camden and Goose Island.


okoru stella bar bespoke build


Working in the Bobby Moore Suite posed some difficulties for us, mostly due to the low ceiling height so we had to adapt some of our designs to work within this limited area. The room is an elegant and large room usually used for corporate hospitality and we think it was broadly a great space for the type of event.  We split the space into 12 sections, each with its own captivating multi-sensory brand experience.

We were initially briefed about the event approximately two months prior, but we were making changes to the layout, installations and creative right up until the line with new ideas and concepts being dynamically taken onboard and implemented by our team.  Each AB InBev brand worked closely with us to ensure the trade stands encompassed their unique story.


okoru corona bar event wembley


The ideas flowed thick and fast; Bud Light, for example, requested three retro arcade machines, with branded bottle cap buttons.  These were created by using a vertical computer monitor which played bespoke content provided by the client. Control panels with Bud Light capped buttons could be pressed and interacted with by delegates to activate a ‘Dilly Dilly’ response, Bud Light’s famous catchphrase, message on the screen.  We custom designed and built these trigger circuits, with sample pad and an audio sample response, to work in tandem with the content on the screens.


okoru budlight bar event london wembley


This carcass was initially was drawn on SketchUp, then further detail added in Vectorworks and then the custom sections were sent to CNC, to be cut from Valchromat.  The arcade machines were assembled at our Bristol warehouse while the tech team installed buttons trigger system and the creative team liaised with the external brands to design the look and feel of the units.  These were built with durability in mind and should last for years to come, allowing for future use.


okoru budlight bar wembley


For Budweiser’s installation, we designed and built a fully immersive video world in line with their global 2019 brand identity. This encompassed curved video walls, a video wall floor and a rear panel built of video wall sections but also with custom built cubby holes for product display. The video content put together in partnership with the client included skyline imagery, to give the impression of being at a city skyline bar.


okoru becks beer bar build


Dry ice fog machines and motion sensors triggering cityscape sound effects added to the atmosphere.  We then constructed miniature 3D skyscrapers, created from a hardboard, decorated the floor either side of the video wall walkway, to further give the impression of being above the towering buildings. We went one step beyond the brief and included twinkling colours in the windows of the buildings.

We initially designed and built all the assets at our warehouse in Bristol, with a view that they could be reconstructed on site with ease. The venue allowed us a maximum of approximately 12 hours on site which was tight when you consider that the access is via a long track around the Wembley concourse.

The event began with a conference presentation in the morning and delegates were given the afternoon to browse each brand area and enjoy our creative output. Over the course of the conference around 500 guests interacted with the installations.

For more information on our work with some of the worlds biggest brands, please get in contact and we would be happy to share further detail or discuss your brief.

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