Our Story

Okoru was formed in 2009 to provide experiential marketing, event production and event hire to the UK and European markets. Fast forward 10 years, we are now a 20 person full-time team based from two sites in Bristol and one in London, working across the globe.

In Bristol, our head office and 6,000 sqft warehouse space head our operation, complemented by a 2,000 sqft workshop, studio and build facility.

In London, our office and studios are in Bethnal Green, just east of Shoreditch where a lot of our clients reside. These client accounts range from household brands to industry leading festivals of music and arts.

In addition to our full-time staff we regularly employ up to 40 contract and freelance staff across three specific areas of the business operation;

- Event Design and Build

- Event and Project Management

- Event Hire and Technical Delivery

We like working with cutting edge technology to create immersive event environments that engage people in unique and unexpected ways. The majority of our events incorporate elements of creative design, event production (technical and creative) and event management.