SFX for Events

SFX help create original and interactive experiences for the audience.
So we try to incorporate them into
all our events.

Special effects, or SFX for short is a pretty broad term and can encompass a huge range of things. From familiar favourites like bubble, foam, dry ice and snow machines through to lasers, pyrotechnics, flame jets, projection mapping and more.

Whatever the occasion and wherever the location, good special effects goes a long way to giving your event an edge and creating a lasting impact.

We make every effort to be at the forefront of the latest developments in light and sound technology. From ordering cutting edge tech from around the world to developing our own technology through our in house R&D department.

Quite simply, the potential that cutting edge special effects offers for new, unique and unexpected methods of event integration is exhilarating.

Our creative design team work closely with our R&D department to produce effects that enhance environments. From club nights to brand launches and alpine tours.

Special Effects Examples

  • Eastern Electrics Festival
  • Varsity Trip
  • Percolate Open Air
  • Rise Festival

Standing out from the crowd is key to any business. But offering truly unique and bespoke solutions requires a significant investment of time and money and is something that most companies cannot justify.

Fortunately we’ll never be one of those companies. It’s something we consider a core component of our business. It’s the reason we have a dedicated R&D department and the reason it keeps growing.

Just in case you aren’t aware, we have a dedicated hire site over at Okoru event hire. It’s quite impressive, even if we do say so. You’ll find a load of special effects hire equipment and another 300 odd pages to boot, catering for everything else.

If you have any questions or you’d just like to test us, our technical staff are on hand and happy to oblige. They don’t get out much but they know their stuff.

And seeing as you’re here why not have a browse through some of the other creative services we offer.