Set Design for Events

The foundation of much of our best work and most successful events
lies in
well considered set design.

Everyone knows the importance of a balanced lifestyle, and we think a balanced work-style is equally as important in everything we do.

That is why we use up-cycling and existing materials from local suppliers wherever possible. This enables us to re-purpose countless resources each year that would otherwise have been wasted.

We aim to make our temporary installations multi-purpose functional spaces wherever possible. This ensure that the space is utilised on several levels, but that it also challenges people to think differently about how they interact with their environment.


We ensure that the design for all our installations is considered from a number of angles.
From interactivity and sustainability to health and safety.

Some Stunning Set Design Examples:

From ski chalets to a tropical paradise and from conceptual art installations to ice caves. We have acquired quite an inventory of incredible sets for all manner of pop-up venues, art galleries, music festivals and immersive worlds.

So if you’ve got an interesting brief, it’d be good to hear from you…

And if you’ve got a brief that’s borderline crazy…

You’ve really got our attention...