Research and Development

If a company isn’t growing it's dying. That’s why we are constantly striving to push the boundaries and stay one step ahead of the competition. That said, we're aware that as a species, consistent growth cannot be the answer, it's unsustainable. 

We don't just want to be a part of the next wave, we want to be making it. 

By investing heavily in innovation and developing cutting edge solutions and event technologies for our clients we have created a number of unique in-house innovations and technologies. We're finding ways, every day, to make our offering more suitable to a changing world. 

We’re always working on the next thing with one eye firmly fixed on the future at all times.

okoru creates CAD design render creative concept

Creative Concept Curation

okoru research development led lighting

Research and Development

electric city eastern electrics


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okoru future event technology lighting lasers

Future Event Technology

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Bespoke Electronics