Projection Mapping

The ability to create dynamic visual landscapes which seemingly
interact with and respond to their environment.

Projection mapping is broadly referred to as the display of an image on a non-white or uneven surface. And it’s one of the most rapidly developing forms of new media.

But we prefer to think of it as bringing life to pre-existing surfaces, whether its buildings and bridges, houses and factories or set and stage designs.

The opportunities afforded by video mapping far transcend ordinary video projection. The ability to create a unique fusion of the physical and the ethereal opens up stunning opportunities for use in live events. When projected onto a physically moving surface such as flowing water or robotic movement and mapped to the patterns, this creates incredibly unique effects.

We have invested heavily in projection technology, both hardware and software. We have no doubt that demand will only continue to grow as the technology advances and people become more aware of its potential.

Another sign of the future-proof potential for projection mapping lies in the
incredible advances of the technology behind it.

Projection Mapping Projects

  • Red Bull Nightmaster
  • Bath Royal Crescent Hotel
  • Venice Kitsune Hostel
  • Eastern Electrics Festival

The evolution of projection mapping technology in just the past few years is significant. From being little more than a cool effect for flat surfaces, the algorithms powering the mapping technology now are stunning to behold.

One algorithm will accurately read the height and width of any surface they are projected onto and adapt the projected images to respond to changes in the terrain in real time. So if you want to project a landscape onto a sand pit whilst people play in it, the program will notice all changes to the height and depth of sand and adjust the image accordingly. We call this interactive projection mapping. For more information on how we can help with your projection mapping project, please get in touch.

Then to take it to another level how about incorporating interactive touchscreen elements within the projection? The possibilities are endless and exciting as hell.

Just don’t try explaining it to your grandad.

What else would you lie to see?

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