Live Music : Touring

Okoru grew from a collective love of live touring. We may have diversified since then
but it will always remain an
essential component of our focus.

Over the years we’ve provided unique alpine tours for numerous world-renowned artists. From Pendulum to Chase and Status and Calvin Harris to Plan B. That said, the majority of our work is with up and coming or underground artists who haven’t hit the headlines yet.

Along the way we’ve helped to establish and grow some of the biggest Alpine festivals and events, working alongside some of the world’s biggest companies and brands.

All our tour managers have spent time on the road learning the
requisite skill-set to excel as tour managers.

Live Music Tour Management Examples:

Over the years we have developed great relationships with touring companies, record labels and artist management right across Europe. Which means that we have the necessary connections to resolve any issues that may arise on the road. However remote the location may be.

Our 6,000 sq ft warehouse is filled with enough backline, live sound, SFX & DJ equipment to support several major tours. At once. Not to mention a full range of live touring vehicles.

Feel free to find out more about the services we provide or the past events we’ve produced.

Or if you want to get down to business and see for yourself, what’s stopping you?