Lighting for Events

Lighting impacts the feel and atmosphere of an event more than any other element.
Yet it is rarely a primary consideration when planning an event.

Creating a lighting plan is one of the first things we do with our clients, following from a discussion of the feel and mood desired. It helps us to understand what lighting is required in different areas of the venue or event and where the most important action will be happening.

From uplighting, spotlights, colour washes and gobos right through to intelligent lighting systems and projection mapping. The variety of options available means there is really no excuse for not presenting your event in the best possible light at all times. (Pun very much intended).


Whatever the scale and intricacies of your lighting requirements, our tech
team will help you realise your vision in the most economical way.

Event Lighting Examples

We stock a wide selection of in-house units from leading brands such as Robe & Martin and Chauvet. Full details can be found over on our hire site Okoru event hire.

We work with some of the best lighting engineers in the industry. For control of our lighting systems we work mostly with Avolites or Chamsys desks and Grand MA for larger projects.

Wherever a more unique lighting setup is required our bespoke control system enables us to utilise a whole range of unique LED products.

We have plenty more technical services for you to peruse, covering every corner of the industry.