Event Power Management

Our wide range of power management stock means we keep costs down and design
power supply into our events from the beginning.

Many of our events require temporary event power management solutions. Which is all well and good when you’re in a field with facilities and easy access, but not so much when you’re halfway up a mountain in sub-zero temperatures.

We offer services for all eventualities, from generators and mains cabling to distribution and lighting equipment. We have a flawless electrical safety record and are acutely aware of our environmental impact at all times.

Our range of power management solutions include rubber boxed RCD units ideal for festivals and outdoor events as well as cable from domestic 13A - 125A three phase units. We do not tend to need to use of power lock regularly on our events, but we have experience working with it.


Our engineers calculate all necessary loads and design each power management system
to suit the
individual event requirements.

Event Power Management Examples

We ensure the efficiency of all test connections before the event. And (obviously) we only run generators in well ventilated and open spaces with direct access to the outside, or provide alternative ventilation solutions.

We stock a substantial inventory of generators and power distribution to suit all environments and weather conditions and we use synchronised sets wherever possible while using generators to help avoid power failure. But we can use standalone units if preferred.

You can see our full inventory of hire equipment over on our dedicated hire site Okoru event hire. If you need event equipment we’ve got you covered.

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