Event Infrastructure

Certain fundamentals lie at the heart of all good event infrastructure:
Core concept, Core people, Core talent & Core Structure

Event infrastructure encompasses all of the less glamorous but essential groundwork elements that must be in place before any event can take place.

The nature of the infrastructure varies depending on the type of event but begins with establishing the requirements based on the venue type; indoor or outdoor, field or mountain, club or marquee.

When designing any event infrastructure we work with our clients to conduct a site visit to double check what infrastructure is in place before bringing in more. Often when provided with a plan, the plans are not correct, out of date or have been amended.

 Set-up can be a time-consuming & expensive process. You never know what might come up. Which is why we always build with contingency time accounted for

Event Infrastructure Examples

The type of infrastructure we bring in varies but is predominantly the following;

  • Toilets and Sanitary facilities
  • Fencing and ground protection including Track-ma
  • Storage facilities including shipping containers for storage on site
  • Power Generation - Generators, Cabling and Distribution to use existing supplies in new places or Green Power technologies such as micro-grids and solar
  • Scaffolding - for site signage, structures, flags or other technical or creative need
  • Temporary Structures - Marquees, Tents, Big Tops, Stretch Tents, other tented structures, Cabins, Portacabins, mobile offices and workshops
  • Water facilities and distribution
  • Heating and or air conditioning units
  • Staging or Stages
  • Emergency Services for live events
  • Waste Management
  • Event Medic Cover

Further to provision requested by our clients, we also advise on the needs relating to regulatory requirements. Our experience across a wide range of events ensures that your event is sufficiently resources to ensure legality.

We don’t want you to rush into contacting us. So please take the time to get a feeling for the kind of company we are; the values we hold and the vision we have.

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