Event Health & Safety Management

The UK has some of the most robust frameworks for event
health and safety management
anywhere in Europe.

All event organisers have a responsibility to their attendees and staff to ensure that all possible steps are taken to minimise the risk of harm befalling anyone.

We combine a vigorous system of risk management with considered practicality, to deliver the highest standards of safety and security possible across all of our events.

We also work closely with an external health and safety supplier and ensure that our internal systems are up to date with the latest legislation.

So whether it’s a pop-up brand launch for fifty people to a festival catering for thousands our approach and attention to detail is the same.

Legislation can change drastically; From one country to the next or sometimes even within the same country. Our experience across the world ensures we are actively safe in our systems and processes, no matter what territory.

Event Health and Safety Management Examples

We have a extensive experience working in unusual or extreme conditions and climates, from sweltering deserts to sub-zero mountainsides.

We have put significant research and development into our systems of safe working in these temperatures. Our regular work at the centre of this industry, as market leaders in the field of outdoor event productions in ski resorts, gives us a responsibility to our staff, clients, customers and other stakeholders that we take very seriously.

As such we are well versed in ensuring that all potential risks that come with such environments are minimised and managed.

Our work in the UK is varied which means we have developed systems for safe working across all types of construction and build projects. When completed on the build, we ensure that our dynamic assessment of risk on live events ensures safety from danger.

Event Security

Security is an essential element of event health and safety management. Over the years we have gained extensive experience in security and crowd management across events of all descriptions.

This begins by being able to specify how many security guards an event should need, based on attendance figures and site plans. This process not only helps our clients to identify when security is too much or too little, but also feeds into a conversation about crowd dynamics and flow. Understanding how audiences move around a site based on the provision of infrastructure and entertainment options is crucial in designing a safe event site.

We work with a number of key suppliers including Green Event Stewards in arranging reliable and highly trained personnel for our events.

We offer a complete range of event services which you can read through at your leisure.

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