DJ & Club : Touring

All our tour managers have slogged it out on the road.
So they understand the
glamorous, the good, the bad and the ugly bits.

Over the past 10 years we have provided countless tours across the UK and Europe. Unsurprisingly, in this time we have developed extensive experience in all aspects of DJ and club touring and the logistics of putting a tour together.

From arranging transportation to ensuring that all artists are looked after and everything runs on schedule. We also own a number of lorries of varying capacities, capable of transporting full backlines and stage sets vast distances.


Touring can mean travelling in remote places, far away from the usual channels of support and assistance. That’s why we’ve worked hard to forge strong local connections across Europe.

DJ & Club Touring Examples:

With a lot of our experience residing in the French, Swiss and Austrian alps, we know how to rely on ourselves to get the show on the road, and have backup plans for when roads are closed or major travel disruptions affect the ability to get on stage. As well as having mechanics on hand whenever we travel to avoid any unforeseen delays.

We do our utmost to make it happen, always. I think our happy clients, from artist agencies to promoters prove that it’s worth the effort.

Still not convinced about our capabilities?

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