Digital Event Media

We invest heavily in new technology and are always looking to incorporate it into our events to enhance the audience experience

As a full-service in-house production company we carry the latest in audio, lighting, video, visual and SFX solutions. Moreover, we are setup to both manage content and design digital content for our clients.

We have a full in-house graphics and design team to create unique designs and bespoke motion graphics content for your event or project.

Some of the examples of digital content we have produced for our clients;

  • Custom motion graphics for international music acts touring the world
  • Bespoke content for projection mapping installations, or for integrated LED set designs
  • Brand videos to be featured on televisions or other digital display
  • Custom overlays for live sports playback including advert reels, scoreboards and other integrated content
  • Bespoke iPad data entry capture forms with custom skins and motion integration
  • Motion sensitive graphics that respond to customer movement to show different patterns and signals, both in terms of an art piece and a piece of responsive technology
  • Custom content for DVJ or AV/DJ shows, which allows music and video to be manipulated at the same time through the use of Serato video or similar

Our options for digital media output are;

  • LED TV Screens ranging from 12 to 72 inches
  • Modular video wall at 3mm and 6mm pitch including IP rated solutions
  • iPads and other Microsoft surfaces
  • Projectors starting at 2,500 Lumen up to 20,000+ Lumen units
  • Laser projections onto surfaces


Once content is created, we utilise a range of digital video options to ensure that we output this content in the most beautiful way possible

We hold a vast inventory of stock which means that we are able to provide complete digital solutions for multiple events. As well as event equipment at trade hire prices.

One of our most popular pieces is our HD LED wall with a custom built graphics and media server. This allows us to provide digital event imagery for our clients, with great effect.

Digital Event Media Examples

The opportunities afforded by digital technology are endless. As such, there are very few events where it cannot be incorporated to some degree to enhance the event experience.

That said, we are wary of including digital in everything we do. In a world where we all look at our phones every day for multiple minutes or hours and the very nature of you viewing this text now is on a screen, we are aware that too much digital is not necessarily a good thing. We think we strike a careful balance.

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