Creative Design

Creative design is at the very core of our business; it’s what drives us to
push the envelope of what’s possible

We bring all our events to life with colour, vision and mystery - crafting unique environments and immersive sets that demand audience attention.

This approach is the same across all of the events we produce, from festivals in fields to experiential brand launches, to wintery events in the Alps.

We believe that creative design can be boiled down to a simple concept. Taking a space and turning it into an exciting environment where people can experience an energy unique to that event.


Properly considered creative design will not only enhance the experience of an event:
it will also ensure much
increased attendee engagement.

Creative Design Examples

Our creative design team are constantly striving to push the envelope. We don’t consider creativity to be anything special, as its been fundamental to every event we’ve ever produced and always will be; But we do think of ourselves as especially creative.

Whatever the environment - from muddy fields in summertime to mountainsides in winter, creative design has no boundaries or limitations.

We’ve never met a brief we couldn’t fulfill and we love proving people wrong. But don’t just take our word for it.

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