Event Backline Management

From speakers and synths to drum kits and amps. We have whatever you need,
wherever you need it, we have the backline for you

Backline historically refers to electronic sound equipment located behind the performers at the back of the stage. But in recent years it has come to represent the equipment that artists need to perform.

So we’re talking pianos, guitars, synths, specific microphones, DJ equipment etc. Essentially everything a band needs excluding the sound and lighting gear which are more generic and normally fixed in the venue.

A lot of venues will have a standard backline provision such as an in-house drum kit or a guitar amp that stays in the venue. However, larger bands and groups with sounds that relate specifically to their chosen equipment will often want to bring in their own kit, even if there is one in place already.

Our backline encompasses everything from amplifiers and speakers to drum kits and percussion, guitars, synthesisers and keyboards. We hold a stock of equipment which relates to standard technical riders for UK music festivals. We have built this up over years of repeatedly being asked for the same equipment.


The wide range of projects we are involved with means that we have had to develop
specific systems to cope with all kinds of demands.

Event Backline Management Examples

Our full inventory of backline hire equipment can be found on our specialist hire site Okoru event hire From installations and dry hire to sourcing specialist equipment. We have the knowledge and connections to get you what you need.

From Alpine tours at multiple locations to servicing artists across multiple festival stages, our backline experience is wide ranging. Having managed the backline at Boomtown fair for many years, we have systems in place for both sourcing the more bespoke gear and transporting it to stages whilst also working from a central store to cater for multiple artists using the same equipment stock.

The type of backline required varies depending on the style of music being played and the venue it’s being played in. Because most bands prefer not to bring their own backline on tour it’s important to know that the equipment they hire is high quality and regularly tested.

In short, we understand all the demands of life on the road and we’re here to make your life as easy as possible.

So whatever you need us for and whatever your budget we’re here to help 24/7. Get in touch to find out more.

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