Music automation is the industry term for syncing live or recorded music to
lighting, video and SFX.

The opportunities afforded by incorporating automation within events to enhance the immersive experience are numerous.

Using midi as a protocol, we have created patched live experiences for both DJ and live acts on stage and for brands in an experiential event setting. The ability to pre-produce the automation and playback of live experiences allows for considerably more time in development of a concept.

For example, in a choreographed fashion show or theatrical vignette, by automating lighting, SFX and video playback we can slightly edit the timings of sequences by adjusting the sample on the computer. If the same effect is expected from a live engineer, the moment is always at the jeopardy of human error.

Whilst we have the utmost trust in our engineering team and also believe that in a lot of scenarios a live engineer will give a more ‘live’ feeling, there are certainly benefits to computer automation.

Our in-house team create specific algorithms within a DAW (Digital Audio/Visual Workstation) to sync the climax of certain elements of an event with the music and visual effects. An example would be the playback of a track which is synced to a projection mapping installation on a large building.


We have used automation heavily across festival sites. From synchronising intricate lighting setups to projection-mapped colour-scapes and multi-sensory experiences
that engage the entire audience.

Examples of Music Automation

We have also been able to combine automation with our work in Ambisonic audio technology and our INMOTION technology. Using motion sensors in wooded areas of a festival site, or in a venue with an interesting layout, we can trigger lighting and SFX to create stunning results.

As well as music we have developed the technology to incorporate smells into the sensory experience, also automatically triggered by motion sensors or through automation within a track. This has already proven particularly popular with a number of food and beverage brands we have worked with and opens up exciting new possibilities.

Whatever the environment, the effect and impact made by automation is guaranteed to enhance the sensory experience.

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