Audio Visual

Ensuring that the audio visual design works in balance with other elements
is crucial to the
impact of the event

Our events are inspired by elements drawn from a thousand different things: places, people, journeys, experiences, technology, media, music, sports, business.

You name it and odds are at some point we’ve been inspired by it and incorporated it into an event.

The vast range of equipment we have in stock means we can really enhance the event environment and add extra layers of depth and texture. That said, we do not operate with only our in-house stock in mind.

When designing an event, we always pick the right solution, whether this is something we stock or not. This makes us different to a lot of audio and visual hire companies that design around their stock only.


The vast range of audio and visual equipment we have acquired allows us the
freedom to utilise
multiple solutions for our events.

AV Event Examples

Well considered audio and visual really makes a difference. It may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many big budget events get it wrong.

Whether you have a definite idea of the AV you want or you’d just like some advice and inspiration, our staff have got you covered. We promise we won’t hassle or blag you or try to sell you anything.

We have a dedicated hire shop over at Okoru event hire offering everything from standard event equipment to bespoke items and the latest tech from around the world. In terms of audio, we stock a large range of L’Acoustics loudspeakers and line array, plus systems from D&B Audio, EV and Funktion One.

So whatever you need and whenever you need it, we’ve got you covered. And when we say covered we mean over 300 pages of stock and counting.

What would you like to do now: Speak to us or carry on reading?