Ambisonic Audio

Ambisonic audio is a unique 360 degree audio technology that we adopt
to create exciting new immersive event experiences.

Ambisonic is the product of 5 years of development at Okoru from studio to live sound.

In essence, Ambisonics is a 4-way audio mix allowing for elements of the music (samples) to be placed anywhere within the 3D 360 audio sphere. In order for Ambisonics to work, you need a minimum of 4 speakers, pointing inwards in a circle with a computer utilising an Ambisonics coder and decoder to interpret the signals.

Although the technology was developed in the 1970’s and created in the 1930’s, the mainstream audio choice is still Stereophonic. We think this is an outdated technology that needs replacing with something more immersive and exciting.

We are working with partners in the industry and industry bodies to bring about an open-source movement to enable events, venues and acts to perform and listen in this more exciting format of sound.


Ambisonic technology enables a completely new live experience and the opportunity  to create immersive environments unlike before.

Ambisonic audio technology works in harmony with our InMotion and music automation technologies. Through the use of DMX:Midi:Video patches that we have developed internally, we can send visual samples, lighting chases, video mapping and smoke/Co2 ejection anywhere within a circular field, whilst remaining perfectly synchronised with the audio signal.

Thanks to the unique software programmes developed in-house, we are able to recreate the effects of Ambisonic audio in a live environment with a minimum of specialist equipment.

Until now such effects had only been possible in a studio setting. It really isn’t an exaggeration to say that this technology is right at the forefront of what is technologically possible with live performance in the world today.

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