Interactive Games

To name a few;

Lionel Rich Tea Time - A musical interlude including free tea and Rich Tea biscuits.. We love Lionel. 

Dub Tropicana - A musical interlude, also a 'Stars in Their Eyes' style miming game, involving members of the audience. 

Latin Limbo - A musical interlude and limbo competition with prizes. 

Fruit Ninja - The popular fruit smashing mobile app game brought to life.. a tropical mess. 

Top of the Trops - Guests make tropical outfits to showcase on the catwalk. Judged by the audience. 

Bananarama - A battle to see who can store the most unpeeled bananas on their person at once. 

King of the Bongo - Contestants use body parts to re-enact songs for the audience to guess.

Tropical Pinatas and Giveaways - Each Event we give our a range of Tropical Goods