Tropical Tea Party

Tropical Tea Party is a roaming party and immersive festival experience, infused with tea and a totally tropical twist! 

An in-house brand of ours, TTP is an experiential venue at festivals and events. We produce immersive Tropical experiences around the country, whether summer or winter...



We look at our spaces from the perspective of architects and structural engineers. We design our space, as we would want it, taking a green field site, or equally an existing venue and transforming it into a Tropical World.

We offer our clients input in the design stage of the build, going back and forth on a design until we find a suitable solution. 

We provide a detailed CAD visualisation and structural drawings to give insight into our design prior to arriving on site. 




We are experts in Tropical event decor. We've produced 100s of Tropical experiences from Italy to India... and we've collected some incredible items along the way. 

We stock kilometres of reed fencing, a huge range of fabrics and bucket loads of props and bespoke pieces. We also build our own tools, such as our infamous Tropical Tea Cups.


We operate our own Tea-Infused cocktail bar at outdoor events, serving the finest in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Our unique recipes combine blends of the finest teas, fruit juices, spirits and mixers, all with our classic Tropical Tea Party twist.  

We often use coconuts or pineapples as drinking vessels, and we always have umbrellas. Get in touch with [email protected] who heads up our bar team for more information. 


Our music is headed up by the Bristol based DJ and Producer known locally as Hiphoppapotamus. His Tropical flavoured rhythms and productions have been picked up by the likes of David Rodigan on his Radio 1Xtra show, amongst a host of other acclaims. He works with George from the Okoru team on all musical aspects of Tropical Tea Party. 

We have a huge range of Tropical acts, which appear at our events, from 10 piece Brazilian funk, to reggae from Norway, Ghanaian Hip-hop... there is always a world influence in our soundtrack. However, we're not afraid a bit of classic cheesy fun!  It's this balance, between serious world music and up-front party selections which gives Tropical Tea Party its unique groove, which now has a serious reputation. 

Get in touch to get Tropical Tea Party at your event. 


We create our event venues as party lounges. We don't want everyone to be stood up dancing all day - it's not sustainable. Our holistic solutions ensure there is ample seating in and around our venue for anyone to take a moment, have a seat and grab a drink to catch up with friends. 

Our seating includes Cable Reels, Shipping Pallets (we stock 1000s), our bespoke Tropical Tea Cup Booths (seat 8 per unit), Hammocks (hung from trees, or dressed putlock and scaff structures), Tropical Benches and Indian Summer Poofs (sourced from India).


Step inside our Pineapple and get your photo taken with your mates!

We operate our booth in-house and we can either provide free photos to all participants for a small fee or charge per person for their own set of photos to take away. 

Team Tropical

We have some amazingly talented members of our tropical outfit. From the architects, engineers and designers who do the work before the build, to our amazing decor team, to Tropical T himself. Our host with the most, the man behind the machine, he gets the party started on the mic... whilst also controlling the lights.

Without these guys, it wouldn't happen! 

If you're interested in getting involved with Tropical Tea Party, please drop us a line!


We have a range of Structures we use for our Tropical Events, from our stretch tent covers to our unique DJ booths and bamboo structures. 

Interactive Games

To name a few;

Lionel Rich Tea Time - A musical interlude including free tea and Rich Tea biscuits.. We love Lionel. 

Dub Tropicana - A musical interlude, also a 'Stars in Their Eyes' style miming game, involving members of the audience. 

Latin Limbo - A musical interlude and limbo competition with prizes. 

Fruit Ninja - The popular fruit smashing mobile app game brought to life.. a tropical mess. 

Top of the Trops - Guests make tropical outfits to showcase on the catwalk. Judged by the audience. 

Bananarama - A battle to see who can store the most unpeeled bananas on their person at once. 

King of the Bongo - Contestants use body parts to re-enact songs for the audience to guess.

Tropical Pinatas and Giveaways - Each Event we give our a range of Tropical Goods