Triple Cooked

Triple Cooked offer wildly themed clubnights, aimed at students.  We are regularly contracted to provide design and production, bringing their ideas and themes to life.  

The club nights tour to eight cities in the UK, taking the party to universities in Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bournemouth and Southampton.  On average, Triple Cooked clubnights attract 500-800 students.

Triple Cooked approach us with an initial brief and moodboard, which we then elaborate on. We produce CAD 3D visualisations in order to better understand how the theme will come across in real life. We really enjoy working on these projects in particular, because we’re given a lot of freedom to be creative with their themes.


We normally move from an initial design to a complete package of production elements over two weeks, with around 4-6hrs on site for the build at each venue. Often the events are back to back, so our team need to come into the venue at closing in order to de-rig and continue onto the next location of the tour.

With the aim to transport clubbers to a different world, we focus the emphasis on transforming the DJ booth to look completely unrecognisable.  We’re encouraged to push the boundaries creatively, altering heights of rooms and entrances.

The first theme we collaborated on was ‘Weird and Wonderful’ and for the most recent event, we created rope vines that hung from every corner of the room and large 3D shapes, such as storey-high mushrooms, which were laser cut from plywood and spray painted by one of our scenic artists.

Triple Cooked have just completed their Garden of Eden tour, which ran between January and February this year.  

If you’re thinking of hosting a club night but need some assistance in standing out from the rest, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

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