Soul Circus Yoga Festival

We were contracted to project manage the Soul Circus Yoga Festival last August. This included the site, creative, pre-event production and on site event management.  Three thousand yogis attended the festival, located in the beautiful landscape of Elmore, Gloucestershire.

Over the course of the year, we worked with the promoters Roman and Ella Wroath to help bring their vision to life.

We managed all technical production, providing infrastructure for stages, site, lighting, sound, riders for bands and ensuring the space was optimised for yoga. This included a large number of wireless microphones with headsets that often needed to stay attached in a variety of positions, from downward dog to the warrior, to the tree.

We managed all creative installations and experiential design on site, working with our own team and volunteers provided by Soul Circus. We were separately contracted to produce an experiential activation on site for fitness brand Equinox.


The site production encompassed an initial layout design and pre-production planning of the infrastructure layout, which included producing 2D and 3D CAD drawings for our client and the council. Some of the infrastructure on site included toilets, hot tubs, saunas, a kitchen, power, traders, site lighting, waste management and water distribution. We have all the equipment in-house to provide a festival of this size, so it was pain free to get everything installed and working efficiently.

Soul Circus have an environmental awareness and desired to take steps to best manage and then reduce the CO2 emissions from the event. They chose Okoru because we could offer a one-stop shop for all their needs, reducing transportation mileage.


We relished the opportunity to work to produce a report on the environmental impact that the event has, in order for the promoters to assess where they can change behaviour to reduce CO2 and other environmentally detrimental aspects of their event.

In order to achieve this, we reduced all transport to and from the site wherever possible. We used a variety of upcycled materials for decor and creative, rather than bringing on new materials and also worked with biodiesel fuel and a smart grid on site. Smart Power provided 2 standalone hybrid diesel generators running on biodiesel, plus a separate battery and wind/solar cell which recharged itself throughout the event, with a third biodiesel generator which was synced for times of peak draw.


In terms of the event management, we ran the SAG meetings with the council with Soul Circus and worked closely with local authorities across the board in order to manage everything from traffic management, to noise, to safety.



The festival offered participants the chance to nourish their bodies with yoga, holistic therapies and natural, vegan food.  After sundown, cocktails flowed and live music carried the party on through the night. Music was a big part of the festival, with sets from Faithless, KOG and the Zongo Brigade and DJ Yoda, plus genre-specific yoga sessions.  



A 20 feet aerial rig allowed the festival-goers to fly high with silks, aerial yoga and hoops.  A variety of other classes and activities were also available, including mindful drawing, journaling and beauty.  We also managed an acoustic cafe stage, where festival-goers could relax with a fresh juice and be serenaded by local musicians.  Yogis were treated to a morning bakery, stonebaked pizzas and nutritious ramen bowls to nourish inside-out.

Hot tubs, saunas and an array of holistic therapies infused with herbs and natural remedies were plotted around the site to be enjoyed night or day.  


It was a pleasure to work on this event. For more information on our work as holistic festival producers, from event project management and technical delivery to creative and design, we can provide it all for you, in-house.  Please get in contact for assistance with your project and we’d be happy to talk you through our approach.


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