Red Bull Nightmaster

We were given the freedom to express our own vision of an alpine mountainous scene for a stunning Red Bull experiential event... We took this opportunity to create a classic alpine scene in mixed media - graffiti style painted Log cabins, rolling mountains and sets of ski and snowboards in geometric patterns. We projection mapped our 2D wooden set to give a textured effect, as a backdrop to the ski and snowboard event.

We managed all aspects of the event production, from sound and lighting to the real snow. We imported the snow from Milton Keynes Indoor Ski Slope, our team used a variety of CO2 and salt, cooling and shaping methods to ensure that we had a good pack throughout the warm, sunny day. Our background in winter events best placed us to deliver impeccable results for the end client, Red Bull.

Great event, great reviews, a write up in event magazine. Job well done.