Lost Festival : Aespia Festival

We were lucky enough to be a part of an exciting event in it’s journey as both Lost Festival and then Aespia. 

The Concept

Take coaches full of Londoners from Kings Cross Station to a secret location in the countryside. Black out the windows so that they do not know where they are or where they have been taken. Upon arrival they are asked to put communication devices in lockers, given a boiler suit and then invited to lose themselves amongst the woods. 


Okoru Role

Create an immersive world for the 1000 attendees to lose themselves in. 
Provide all technical infrastructure and power across hundreds of décor and artistic installations. 
Provide a variety of our own curated décor and design concepts. 
Act as a central resource for all creative and technical tasks across a crew of artists, volunteers and other crews. 



One of the most exciting experiences at a UK festival, in our opinion. By removing technology and the need to ‘’insta’’ everything, people were genuinely able to interact and be a part of the festival. Guests were invited to ‘do’, not ‘watch’. It was about embracing an attitude to be a part of the creative, not to be surrounded by creative with a distance between the crowd and the performers like there is at some many events we work on. 
Unfortunately, Aespia is no more. For more information on Aespia/Lost or what we did, please get in touch. Please also watch the video on the second tab above for a better visual representation of the events that happened at a secret location in Hampshire. 


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