Corona Sunsets

Okoru’s director Rowan was awarded the contract for European Operations Manager in 2014 and 2015 for the global Corona Sunsets project.

The production management responsibilities consisted of:

  • Managing local suppliers including production runners in a variety of tasks, such as sourcing materials and equipment rental suppliers in new locations

  • Arranging all ground transportation for crew and artists, including managing runners and drivers, as well as local taxi/bus contractors.

  • Arranging crew and artist accommodation both in the pre-production period and during the live events

The project ran in the following locations over the period

2014 - Weston Super Mare (UK) and Ibiza

2015 - Weston Super Mare (UK), Ibiza and Rimini (Italy)

Okoru were also tasked with a variety of local tasks for the Weston Super Mare events.

Please get in touch to discuss our experience in assisting with European legs of global tours and how we might be able to help you achieve your brief.

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