Art's House Festival

Almost exactly a year after Percolate Open Air at London’s Three Mills Island, we were contracted by Art’s House Festival to provide complete creative design and technical delivery for their one-day festival at Three Mills Island, Stratford.  Paying homage to their humble beginnings holding raves in a stranger’s front room, Art’s House Festival would resemble a council estate house, complete with kitchen and living room on stage. Two of the greatest British DJs, DJ Harvey and Artwork, soundtracked the ‘’ultimate house party’’ alongside special guest dancers and other performers.  

Three Mills Island is a circular events space in Stratford, situated next to the River Lea.  Although we had produced a successful festival there previously, Art’s House Festival brought new and exciting challenges.  The event site was being shared between Art’s House and Anjunadeep Open Air which was the very next day. This meant we had to switch the council house into a completely different set and stage setup overnight.

We designed the stage setup with the second show in mind, with a sub-structure which included elements of the Sunday design. This was built using a range of wooden shipping pallets attached to a truss grid with timber clips.

okoru sketchup design scamp doodle progression

Over the sub-structure was set pieces incorporating windows and doors which had a brick-effect wallpaper.

Within the windows of the ‘house’ were LED video wall sections, using our outdoor IP rated 6mm product, which showed scenes pre-recorded by Artwork and DJ Harvey.  The roof and chimney shapes were created from CNC’ed timber and a tile effect panel was stapled onto structure, touched up and finished with paint and realistic rendering to further develop the illusion.

Each panel was designed as lightweight as possible so they could be easily mounted by someone on a cherry picker and placed on the roof.  Adding to the council estate aesthetic, the team sourced and collected props over a number of a week prior to the festival, such as kitchen appliances, doors, aerials and even a disused motorbike.  To give the impression of derelict and untended housing, the DJ booth was framed by a wavy brick pattern.

The DJ booth itself was more LED wall from our stock, which ran a range of content over the event. Additional SFX included coloured smoke (from the chimney pipes on the roof), red laser arrays and Co2 cannons.

All of the lighting, staging, structures, video, site requirement, creative, set design and SFX were provided by Okoru from our rental stock or built bespoke at our unit in Bristol.

This was a really fun, creative brief to work on and the time restraints added an extra challenge.  The event saw nearly 4000 party-goers be transported from Stratford into Art’s House’s front room.

If you have an idea that you’d like to bring to life, or if you want some input on how to bring some life to your event from our creative team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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