Anjunadeep Open Air

We contracted by independent dance label Anjunadeep to provide all creative design and technical delivery for their one-day festival at Three Mills Island, Stratford.


The event site infrastructure was being shared between Anjunadeep and Art’s House, a festival on the same site on the previous day. Therefore, we knew both stages needed to work together to allow for a smooth transition between events.  Of course, we didn’t want the transition to limit our creativity.

Thankfully, we had 4 months of lead time on the brief, so we had plenty of time to meticulously plan how we would execute this.  

Anjunadeep have a really clear idea of their visual identity at events, which made it easier than usual for us to provide a quality solution. The overriding feeling that the client wanted to achieve was the set to look and feel inspired, in part, by nature.  

We collectively decided that the basis of the stage design would be created out of wooden pallets, given that Anjuna had previously adopted this technique, which were attached to truss grid with timber clips.  

Needing a slightly darker shade the pallets were airbrushed with a dark brown. The pallets were arranged in a disorganised, non-formulaic pattern and interspersed with real and fake foliage. A video wall panel section held the design together, of which bespoke content was managed on site by Okoru and our team of video editors and VJ.



With a stellar lineup including 16 Bit Lolitas, Ben Böhmer and Dom Donnelly, the event saw almost 6,000 dance music fans pass through the secluded Three Mills Island.  Having had a completely different design on the same stage structure just 12hrs earlier for Art’s House Festival, we were content and impressed with our results for the event.


All creative, set design, stage structures, lighting, visuals, video production and hire, site infrastructure and on-site creative installations were provided by Okoru, in-house.


As for AnjunaDeep Open Air, we’ll be producing the same event next year too.  It was the team’s first quick changeover, which was hard but incredibly rewarding.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’ve got a project we can help with; no matter the time constraints!

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