9Nine Adult Playground

Okoru won the tender for the production, design and build of an adult sized playground. 

That’s right, we designed, built and produced a giant adult playground festival, complete with 6m death drop slide, 20x swings, 6x see-saws, multiple climbing walls, firemans poles and much more… plus some more adult features such as DJs and acts performing from a stretch tent complete with a festival style production setup.

When we were first approached we were excited by the concept and developed a close bond with the team behind 9Nine and Brokkr agency. Creatively, we had the same vision: something large and mad.

We first set about finding a venue for the project. After shortlisting a number of parks and outdoor spaces, it was London Fields that became the clear winner due to Hackney Council’s positive approach to the project. Both in terms of allowing us the freedom to create the park we all wanted, but also their enthusiasm for something that encourages adults to do more outdoor activity. 

Once the venue was confirmed, we got working on the design. We quickly found out that due to dynamic loading forces, we needed to rate our equipment for use far surpassing safe loading in order to satisfy legislative guidance on recreational playground equipment. Working with architects, structural engineers and designers, we came up with designs using mostly regular scaffolding materials.

We took these designs, inserted as much colour and vibrance as possible and ended up with outstanding results. The project gained lots of press including video sections on ITV and BBC London. Please check out the attached video for more information about this unique project.

For anyone looking to take inspiration from, or repeat a similar project, we now stock a significant range of playground equipment suitable for adult weights and sizes. Please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


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