Timecoding and Automation

In event parlance, automation is commonly referred to as music automation and is the industry term for syncing live or recorded music from live band or DJ sets to lighting, video and special effects.

The opportunities afforded by automation within events are numerous and something that we use on regular occasions to enhance the immersive experience of the audience.

Our in-house team create specific algorithms to sync the climax of certain elements of an event with the music and visual effects (such as projection mapping triggers to the 'drop' of the music) in order to enhance the sensory experience, whatever the environment.

Although it is possible to utilise music automation for a wide range of events, we find that the technology lends itself best to experiential events, festivals and more visual show environments.

Examples of Music Automation

For the Eastern Electrics festival we produced all elements of the event, including the sound, lighting and special effects for the Electric City area encompassing numerous venues. We used music automation heavily to sync intricate lighting setups and projection mapping across the whole site, resulting in colour-scapes and multi-sensory experiences that engaged the entire audience. This, with an Ambisonic audio setup and motion sensors in wooded areas for lighting and SFX triggers, created quite the immersive environment. 

We have also used music automation for a number of experiential events and have recently developed the technology to enable us to incorporate smells into the sensory experience which has proved popular with a number of food and beverage brands we have worked with.

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