Set Design for Events

Immersive Set Design

Over the years we have produced hundreds of events for festivals, companies and organisations across Europe and the foundation of many of these events begins with well considered set design.

We ensure that the design for all our temporary installations is considered from a variety of angles including sustainability, health and safety and inter-activeness as well as providing multi-purpose functional spaces wherever possible.

It’s important for us to keep a sense of balance in all of the work that we do, which is why we use up-cycling and existing materials from local suppliers wherever possible, enabling us to re-purpose countless resources each year that would otherwise have been wasted.

From ski chalets and mountain ranges to a tropical paradise and conceptual art installations, we have built a huge array of sets over the years for all manner of occasions including pop-up venues, art galleries, music festivals and immersive worlds.

Complete Set Design Solutions

Last year we worked with Waxarch to produce a sustainable, pallet based VIP seating area for the Field Day festival in Victoria Park, London. We employed a lounge-style set design by creating a series of tables and seating booths, all of which were sanded down to give the area a distinctly VIP farmyard feel, as per our brief.

In 2013 we were engaged by Eastern Electrics to produce a multi-venue area within ‘The Electric City’ festival site. The central feature of this was a significant art and lighting pallet-based installation which interacted with festival goers and projected video mapped content over the site by utilising old pallets from local shipping companies.

To find out more about how we decide upon a theme for our events whilst considering the set design process, please visit our concept curation page. Or take a look through our event project management section to see how we handle all aspects of event logistics, management and site design.