Motion Sensor Installations for Events

Motion detection is the process of ‘detecting a change in the position of an object relative to its surroundings’ and enables great opportunities for syncing sound, lighting and effects together to create a multi-sensory experience.

We have created our own unique motion activated packaged solution encompassing soft and hardware. The technology works by utilising motion detection devices to detect disturbances in the infrared spectrum which then signal a device such as a camera of lighting which responds to the movement.

Depending on the level of automation required we provide a number of options, from simple algorithms for a fixed camera to complex and bespoke solutions to detect movement when the camera itself is in motion.

InMotion is our in-house brand of motion activation for which our technical team have created a number of bespoke programs to enable much greater flexibility than afforded by most motion detection systems.

Events utilising Motion Detection

When the Varsity Trip ski festival drastically increased its capacity in 2014 we wanted to include automation to create a more inclusive experience and so we utilised our InMotion technology alongside Music automation to create a musical and visual experience as the climax of the festival.

The Tropical Tea Party is a bespoke interactive experience designed by us and ideal for festivals or large events. We have devised a mobile motion detection system which can be paired with lasers, light pulses, and sound technology to create a responsive system suitable to venues of all sizes, from tee-pees to marquees.

The versatility of out InMotion systems means it can be easily adapted to suit venues of all sizes both inside and out, which means it is ideally suited to festival sites where it can be adapted to suit multiple events in one space one after the other.

To get an idea for the kind of services InMotion can be utilised for please take a minute to look through our services page.