Interactive Entertainment

Interactive Events

Creating immersive experiences and interactive events is a core part of what we do and why we do it, encouraging people to engage with their environment in new and unexpected ways.

Whether you’re looking to increase engagement as part of a corporate event or add another dimension for a festival or pop-up market, the potential is endless.

Incorporating interaction during the event design process opens up possibilities for everything from corporate team building and family days to brand awareness and guerilla marketing campaigns. This includes the use of method actors, guides, hosts and the general public! 

Games are one of the most popular interactive options that we provide, and we have multiple bespoke in-house alternatives to classic variations of bucking bronco’s and fairground rides as well as a range of our own designs.

Recent interactive events

When Volvo contacted us to help them raise the profile of their new XC60 model with younger generations, we devised an interactive audio/visual road-trip that visited 20 European countries, engaging people of all ages and significantly raising brand awareness with their target audience across multiple platforms.

The Tropical Tea Party is a completely adaptable experiential venue for festivals and events comprised of multiple event sections. One of the most popular sections is our range of bespoke interactive games with classics including ‘Lionel Rich Tea time’ & ‘Fruit Ninja’ alongside new kids on the block such as ‘Top of the Trops’ & ‘Dub Tropicana.’ Intrigued and want to find out more? Course you do. Give us a shout! 

You can better understand the range of immersive services we provide via our experiential marketing section.

And you can see examples of other interactive events we’ve organised over on our projects page.