Guerilla Marketing Stunts

Guerilla Campaigns and tactics

Sometimes brands aren’t looking for a standalone event to promote their services or products and instead want to pop-up for a short time and cause a stir without announcement, by means of bespoke Guerilla or experiential marketing campaigns.

Although Jay Levinson coined the phrase Guerilla marketing over 30 years ago, it’s only over the past few years that Guerilla marketing has entered the public consciousness and become a standard of the marketing world.

Guerilla marketing is an area in which we have invested a lot of time and resources over the past 5 years and one which continues to grow in popularity, with brands constantly looking for new ways of reaching potential customers via innovative and unusual means.

We believe that the skill-set we bring to all our events is a natural fit for designing experiential marketing campaigns of all descriptions. But don’t just take our word for it…

Past Guerilla Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Snowboxx festival contacted us last year to design a week long event for 3,000 people in the French region of Alpes D’Huez, running 16 venues concurrently. As well as providing everything from music to yoga we also converted the Ski lifts to Karaoke cabins, hosted pop-up soirees and even pushed a sound system on skis to the top of a mountain for Minirigs Portable Speakers.

In 2013 we produced the O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown, a unique snowboarding competition in the heart of London hosting some of the world’s best Snowboarders. To enable this we turned Red Lane into a classic London scene replete with brick work cladding, red London bus, bus stop and post box. You can see a video of the event here

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