Fabrication / CAD

We provide a complete in-house technical design service for all our projects, from an initial CAD render to accurate structural drawings and bespoke unit production, we will happily manage the entire process for you.

Detailed CAD drawings are fundamental to our event design process and provide the foundations for all our project design work. Our design team can produce CAD plans for all parties, from the event designers and management teams to third party contractors to clearly represent your design vision wherever it’s required.

As well as CAD we can also produce 3D rendered visuals to demonstrate to stakeholders and local authorities our proposed design concepts before any building work commences.

You can see examples of our fabrication processes at a range of past events over on our projects page.

Complete Technical Design Services

Once you are completely happy with the designs our fabrication team will use a range of materials to bring the designs to life. For larger builds requiring the use of more specialist equipment, we work closely with a local supplier whose 5D axis robots and array of other specialist machinery enables us to produce more bespoke items.

Ever since we began creating unique events almost a decade ago we have focused on making the greatest impression with the least amount of disruption, and this has only been possible thanks meticulous attention to detail we afford the initial technical design process.

And that’s why we maintain close contact with our clients throughout the design process, garnering regular feedback to ensure that we have captured their vision correctly, no matter how simple or complicated the brief may be.

Alternatively you can browse through our range of technical, management and creative services via our services section.