Experiential Design

Complete Experiential Design solutions

Experiential design is at the cutting edge of marketing and is changing the way people experience places, products and environments by encouraging them to engage with new environments in unexpected ways.

When considering experiential design the most important focus is the quality of the user experience and what their emotional connection to it will be. Considering this from the outset helps us ensure that we are creating the right experience and guides our choice of techniques to achieve the desired outcome.

We use a combination of 5 main techniques in our projects: Video installations, video mapping, augmented reality, interactive installations and immersive environments.

With all our events we make every effort to recycle and re-purpose old materials wherever possible, and it is this blend of old materials and new technology that guides our decisions on each project we undertake. You can read more about our sustainability policy in our about us section.

Past experiential design examples

For Red Bull Nightmaster we were engaged to produce an outdoor ski and snowboard event with real snow that expressed a classic Alpine scene, complete with a 20m ski ramp. To enable this we created graffiti style log cabins with rolling mountains and utilised projection mapping to create a bespoke textured effect. You can read the review of the event here.

For Varsity Trip we used a mix of pre-existing and temporary structures to create new locations for unique mountain top-parties across the French Alps. For each venue we built unique stage sets incorporating projection mapping, laser writing and immersive structures that interacted with people of all ages in a multitude of ways.

And you can find out more about the experiential services we offer via our experiential services section.

Or if you’d like to better understand how we balance the creative with the technical please visit our technical production section.