Event Site Design

Site Design Solutions

Effective site design is essential for us to clearly communicate our intentions for the site to everybody, from our team of staff to the event stakeholders. To enable this we design all our event sites using CAD software.

Whether we’re working on a green field site or from an existing venue, we will conduct a design feasibility study to work out how people will enter the site, how they will interact with it and where people will flow.

Good site design is considerate of all aspects of an event site, from the event infrastructure through to the project management and technical production. This is why we ensure that our team of dedicated staff have experience of working across all areas of event production.

The amount of detail we provide for each site design varies, but even if the event requirement is basic we will always put a plan together to give clarity to all and ensure that we share the same vision.

Recent Site Design Examples

In March 2015 we were engaged by Mainstage travel to produce the 3,000 person snow and music festival ‘Snowboxx’, at Alps D’huez Ski Resort in France. As the lead contractor we were responsible for all elements of production and worked closely through the year with multiple local councils across the region to arrange the necessary permissions for the event.

Since 2014 we have been managing the events delivery for the Middle Temple Campus and grounds of Kings College London, running a number of different event concepts and arranging all infrastructures for a range of events from filming for the Harry Potter movies to multiple venue events comprising live music, DJ’s, bars and traders.

You can find out more about how we manage events on our event project management page, or if you'd like to talk with us about a potential project please contact us at anytime.