Event Power Management

Many of the live events we produce require the use of temporary power management solutions, sometimes in extremely challenging conditions such as sub-zero mountain top temperatures.

Over the years we have acquired a substantial inventory of generators and UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems to suit all environments and weather conditions.

Our range of power management solutions runs from rubber boxed RCD units ideal for festivals and outdoor events to cable from domestic 13A - 125A three phase units. We prefer to use synchronised sets when using generators to avoid power failure, although we are able to use standalone units instead if preferred.

Our engineers design each power management system to suit individual event requirements, including the calculation of all necessary loads. We also ensure the efficiency of all test connections before the event to guarantee safe working order.

And it goes without saying that we always run generators in a well ventilated and open spaces with direct access to the outside.

Event Power Management Solutions

When Varsity Trip engaged us to provide a full production package enabling bespoke events at resorts and venues across the French Alps (including swimming pools and mountain sides) power supply was a major issue. But despite the technical difficulties and logistical challenges, the event  resulted in an ongoing partnership which continues to this day.

Last year we produced the inaugural Transitions wakeboarding and music festival for which we had to provide power for multiple live stages on and around a large body of water, presenting numerous health and safety and technical challenges.

Because we own a complete range of power management solutions in house we are able to keep costs low and design power supply solutions into all our events from the beginning.

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