Event Licensing

Event licensing is a crucial yet often ill considered element of most events and if not managed properly in the initial event design stages it can hamper, and sometimes completely prevent an event from taking place.

Understanding the different event licensing requirements can incur costs which quickly render an event nonviable. We offer a range of event licensing services, from temporary to full event licenses and from alcohol to entertainment. Whatever licensing you need, we guarantee that you’ll be completely covered.

From simple advice to guide through certain processes to becoming your representative and producing complete documentation to take the weight off your shoulders, we have experience in all areas to save you time and money.

Complete Event Licensing Solutions

Understanding how to present yourself in your application goes a long way to determining the ease and success of any SAG meetings or hearings you will have to attend, and will ultimately go a long way to determining the future of your event.

As well as understanding and being fully versed in the processes and procedures of licensing within the UK (which has some of the most stringent guidelines in the world) we have also worked with local authorities and national governing bodies across many European nations.

This local knowledge has helped us to accelerate the licensing processes of countries whose bureaucracies and regulatory systems can otherwise prove frustrating and prohibitive for individuals and companies alike.

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