Event Health and Safety Management

Event health and safety management is fundamental to every event we produce and at the very core of our principles. We combine a robust system of risk management with considered practicality to deliver safety and security as standard across all of our events.

We work with an external health and safety supplier and ensure that our internal systems are up to date with the latest legislation, whether it’s a pop-up brand launch for fifty people or a festival catering for thousands.

Event Health and Safety Management across the UK and beyond.

The UK has some of the most robust frameworks for event health and safety management anywhere in Europe. And because we regularly work in countries right across the continent, we understand how the legislation can change drastically from one country to the next and sometimes within the same country.

And for any occasions where we will be working in unusual or extreme conditions - such as deserts or sub-zero temperatures - we take extra steps to ensure that all potential risks are minimised as much as possible.

Event Security Management

Another essential component of event management is security. Through the wide range of events we have produced over the years we have gained extensive experience in security and crowd management and work with a number of key suppliers including AES Oxford and Green Event Stewards in arranging reliable and highly trained personnel for our events.

You can read about recent projects where we have been responsible for the event health and safety management and event security management, such as Transitions festival and the Varsity Trip over on our recent projects page.

Or why not take a look through our services page to better understand the complete range of event services that we offer.