Creative Design

Creative Design Solutions

Creating immersive event environments is at the very core of our business and it is what drives us to constantly push the envelope of what is possible with creative events.

Whether we’re creating environments for festivals and pop-up markets or creating experiential campaigns for major brands, we bring all our events to life with colour, vision and mystery, crafting unique environments and immersive sets that demand attention.

Our creative team are at the beating heart of our business and are constantly striving to push the envelope, whilst our technical team ensure that a balance is kept at all times between what can be conceived and what can be achieved when all the technicalities have been considered.

We don’t think of creativity as anything special as it’s been fundamental to every event that we’ve ever produced and always will be. But we do consider ourselves to be especially creative.

Unique Creative Events

The Tropical Tea Party is an experiential venue like no other. Designed and created specifically for festivals and events, it combines bespoke bamboo structures with interactive games, music venues playing everything from Brazilian funk to Norwegian reggae, our very own unique tea infused cocktail bars and even a bespoke photo booth!

In 2013 we were engaged by Soulsports to produce the O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown, a snowboarding event in the heart of London. To achieve this we created a classic London scene featuring brick work cladding, projection mapping and iconic London monuments complete with ramps playing host to some of the world’s best snowboarders.

To find out more about different creative events we’ve produced in the past have a look through our projects section. Or if you’re looking for inspiration for an event of your own you may well find it in our experiential marketing section. In fact we almost promise that you will.