Ambisonic Audio

Ambisonic audio is a 360 degree immersive event experience exploring the creative use of previously un-realised audio/visual technologies and is the result of a 5 year development project from studio to live sound.

In essence Ambisonics is a 4-way audio mix which utilised an Ambisonics coder and decoder to allow us to put samples anywhere within a 360 degree field.

Although the technology has been around since the 1970’s until now no one has been able to develop the plugins and controllers necessary to manipulate the audio data, in both a studio and a live setting on this scale.

Ambisonic audio technology lends itself perfectly to incorporation with our InMotion and music automation technologies, giving us the potential to send visual samples, lighting chases, video mapping and smoke/Co2 ejection anywhere within a circular field, perfectly synchronised with the audio samples.

Immersive Ambisonic Audio Environments

Ambisonic technology enables a completely new live experience that is at the forefront of what is technologically possible with live performances to create immersive environments that are unlike anything that has come before.

Thanks to the unique software programmes that we have designed and created, we are able to recreate the effects of Ambisonic audio - that until now has only been possible in a studio - in a live environment with a minimum of specialist equipment.

To find out more about the opportunities offered by this technology and how it can be incorporated into your events, please contact us and our technical staff will be happy to talk things through with you.

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